Terms & Conditions

Dunbar Film Society/Civic Week Short Film Competition 2017

 Terms and conditions.

1. Submitting an entry will be taken as confirmation that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.

2. Entrants are responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permissions and copyrights for the submitted film and its soundtrack, including permissions from people appearing in the film.

3.  The film can be in any genre and on any subject but it must be viewable by all.

4. Films cannot exceed 5 minutes and must be at least 2 mins long. Films that do not meet this criteria will not be considered.

5. The competition is open to anyone who lives or works in the Dunbar area.

6. Entry to the competition is free.

7. Entrants must submit their work by uploading it to Vimeo.  It will also be possible to enter by post but you will need to contact us by email to arrange this.

8. Films uploaded to Vimeo must have a title, a director and the age category it is being entered for included in the information that is displayed with the film.  This information must also be emailed to us  info@dunbarfilm.org.uk

9. Additional material relating to the film can be submitted including still images. This material may be used for promotional material and programmes. No submitted material will be returned unless prior arrangement has been made.

10. Group entries are permitted. An individual entering as part of a group may also enter a separate film as an individual.  An individual may enter films in more than one category.

11. Entries must be submitted no later than midnight June 10th  2017.

12. The competition will be judged in three age categories: Under 12yrs,   12-16yrs and Over 16 yrs (age at the submission deadline) with one winner per category.  Prizes will also be awarded in two further categories:  Documentary (all ages) and Collaborations (a film made by a group from more than one age category such as a teacher and pupils who have made a film as part of a school project).

13. Entries from those under 16 yrs must be the sole work of the individual entrant. Supervising adults such as teachers, parents and carers are allowed to give purely technical support: for example explaining how to work equipment or how to use software.  Any more significant help than this and the film should be entered in the Collaboration category (see 13.).

14.  All under 16 entrants must obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before entering.

15.  All entries will be publicly viewable online.  We will publicise the shortlisted films and their makers through web, print and broadcast media.

16. All entrants will be invited to the award screening where the shortlisted films will be shown. The final winners –from those shortlisted- will be announced and the awards presented at this screening.

17. The winners will receive a trophy, with other prizes still to be confirmed.

18. The winning films will be remain available to view on the Dunbar Film web site and Facebook page until next year’s winners are announced.

19. While all due care will be taken with your entries, the organisers cannot accept or assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials submitted.

20. Ideas and views expressed by entrants are not necessarily shared by DFS or the judging panel. The organisers take no reasonability for film content and any offence that they might inadvertently cause.

21. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw inappropriate content.

22. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior warning.

23. All judgments made by the judging panel and DFS are final and correspondence will not be entered into.